Loving Kindness Meditation

Here's what I personally use for Loving Kindness Practice. This Spiritual practice is amazingly transformative. Even if you don't truly feel it, simply repeat the words attempting to feel that way. This will bring slow gradual, almost imperceivable change. However, you'll start to notice a friendliness towards life emerging. Eventually, leading to you actually, really meaning these words.

When I started I'd do "All Beings", then "I", then "someone I liked a lot", then "someone I was neutral toward", then "someone I disliked or even hated", finally returning to "All Beings".

May All Beings be Happy.

May All Beings be Healthy.

May All Beings be Safe.

May All Beings be Free.

May I be Happy.

May I be Healthy.

May I be Safe.

May I be Free.

May You be Happy.

May You be Healthy.

May You be Safe.

May You be Free.

May Others be Happy.

May Others be Healthy.

May Others be Safe.

May Others be Free.

May All Beings be Happy,

May All Beings be Healthy,

May All Beings be Safe,

May All Beings be Free.

Andy DonahueComment