Why Meditate?

Meditation allows the opportunity to just be.  There seem to be few places where just being is encouraged.  The traditional instruction to follow the breath is a perfect example.  Feel the breath enter.  Feel the breath exit.  Nothing more is required.  Just be with yourself.  An intent to pay gentle attention is helpful.  Upon noticing being caught following a thought, simply, gently return attention to the breath.  No judgment is necessary; actually it seems to hinder the cause.  If possible, withhold judgment of your judgment.  That is an unnecessary rabbit hole to go down, and once it's seen, it almost always just disappears of its own accord.  This is a training in being.  How are things right here, right now?  This question always brings us into the present moment.  This naturally spills out into life, allowing a wonderful opportunity to be present and aware in one's own life. 

As human beings, let us learn to be. 

Andy Donahue2 Comments