I'm Andy Donahue, founder of Ez2Meditate.  I've been meditating since 2005, which has lead to a deep sense of connection with the felt sense of experience.  I share my insights in guided meditations and blog posts.

I'm just a normal guy, whose mental pain became so intense that my primary motivation in life was to relieve the pressure I felt.  I used many things over the years in this attempt.  Eventually, I wanted to try meditation, but it seemed so hard and mystical I was scared to even try.  What if I did it wrong?  My pride wouldn't allow me to ask anyone how, even, to begin.

The thought came up that Buddhists are known for meditation, but I didn't want to convert or even go to a Buddhist temple.  I found some podcasts from a local Buddhist Meditation Center and learned from them.

That was over a decade ago.  Since then I've completed a full six-week introduction to meditation course online, that included weekly interviews with the instructor.  I'll be doing a full 10-day Vipassana retreat locally, as soon as I can unplug from my life for 10 days.  I am hopeful that will be within the year.  

Connect with me via the social media or email links below.  Email is monitored closely.  I look forward to helping.